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Actually, no.
DHCs have an additional +10% CRTD build in, which together in how the power drain works and how tac buffs benefit larger base damage more then lower base damage makes them all out better in every case. And since the proc change is per firing cycle, there is simply no reason at all to use DCs. DHCs outperform them all the time.
The only field where DCs are vastly superior is how much less they cost on the exchange
Yeah, like I said above, I was behind on my updated math on the procs per shot versus procs per cycle information. I didn't mention the innate [CrtD] on DHCs because I thought that it was a known quantity.

Still, this doesn't change my opinion (from beta on) that DHCs and similar weapons (Wing Cannons, Quad Cannons) are the way to go.
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IDIC fail.