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Originally Posted by qinnux View Post
the main stopping point for all the fleets is dilithium... it is the only resource that can get days or weeks or longer to fill up since 99% of the fleet never donates to it.
Simply cuz you already only get 8k max per day and u need it for billion other things.
So only the fleets that use zen for dil actually progress fast. Others can expect 3-5 years for a t5.
I'm sure there might be zen involved but is that wrong?

But.... a smart "stock broker" could have play the market in the last 4 weeks and run off with a killing!

I remember we could get 1z per 85 dil, it went as high as 95-96 (I sold at 96 once) and now it is back down to 88.

If you play the market (some do), you could easily made dil that way (or zen)

I also notice that Key prices jump from 1.3 to 1.4 mil. I did a few myself. There was someone selling keys at 1.3 while the market was 1.386 I bought them and repost it at 1.375 and made 75k in 1 minute (5 times) The exchange market can be profitable if you know how to use it.

People will always be quick to "undersell" other poster to make a quick buck and if you are lucky and/or watching the exchange, you can make some extra EC out of it. Luckily in dil exchange you can put in buy and sell order at different rate and hope it will sell (which I usually do within 2-3 dil difference and walk away with a tidy profit.
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