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Hi all, M.A.C.O. 9 Is a newly formed fleet with growing numbers, we are a enjoyable and friendly fleet, our main aim is to have fun and play STO the way it is meant to be played, with friendly and helpful people.

We are not one of those fleets who's sole purpose is to build a starbase, the starbase is a side project, our goal is to help role who ask for it, and if the Klingon or Borg happen to get in our way, well it just adds to the fun.

We only have a few rules; Respect all members no matter what, Respect the fleet leaders/founders as they put a lot of time and effort into the fleet, help each other if you can, and have fun

So if you want a casual fleet that does not use a fleet for their own purposes and you want a fleet that helps you, advises you, has fun and plays STO the way it was ment to be played then come and join M.A.C.O. 9, find us in-game, add me in game (Jakey_DJ@Jakey_DJ1) or reply to this post.

M.A.C.O. 9