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I don't quite understand where the problem lies.

Data is Captain of the Enterprise -E...
Romulus is destroyed...

In my opinion this means the events (whatever happens in Countdown) do in fact occur previously to STO and so the countdown uniforms have a good chance to exist in STOs timeline.
Yes, the events of the common backstory were shared by both Cryptic and IDW.

However, the specifics such as uniform design did not belong to CBS - Cryptic and IDW did their own artwork independently and separately, so that's where the licensing issues comes in.

The one way this could work is if CBS acquires the rights to the uniform design from IDW and then passes them on to Cryptic, possibly showcasing them as part of a one-off mission featuring the now-retired Captain Data. This, however, is highly unlikely given that Paramount now owns the rights to the TNG movies with the Ent-E, and the studios have deliberately held off any depiction of the ultimate fate of the Ent-E in case they wanted to do another Prime Trek series/film.

Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
Personally i use Sierra 3 uniform as a substitute for the countdown uni. If you give the lower part (the paralbe) the same color as the main unifrom, i think it look much better than Sierra 1, but that's just my personal preference.

The only thing that bothers me is the colored sleeve, of course it shares the same color as the collar... well done cryptic, lol.
I too don't like the colored sleeves on the Sierra 3, as well as that delta region on the lower torso. I suspect the latter was an exaggerated throwback to the TNG season one uniforms, but I can't say I'd like it even if the colors were matched up.

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