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Originally Posted by inkrunner View Post
2: The Borg can adapt to fire. That's ridiculous. If the Borg can't adapt to a holographic Tommy gun (Star Trek: First Contact), then they can't adapt to fire
The Borg can't adapt to a Tommy gun because the bullets were not made of energy. And in every case where the Borg were ever physically assaulted, they did not adapt to that either. This is also the reason why Borg cannot adapt to melee in-game.

In case of all energy weapons and energy-related things used as weapons (deflector dish superweapon from Best of Both Worlds), yes, they adapt easily. I think it's okay that they adapt to fire and plasma, as they are in a way, just different forms of energy (and yes I know plasma is the fourth state of matter, but Borg adapt to that too in-game )
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