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03-05-2013, 07:52 PM
Originally Posted by benoliverwillock View Post
So the obvious theory on this is that, as you know, the Shield Emitter Amplifier and Field Generator are the two most widely used science consoles, as they are effective for use with all builds.
The idea, I think, behind the Romulan Science consoles is to give pure science players who might use things like Flow Capacitors and Graviton Generators a boost compared to the already overused and powerful Shield Emitter Amplifier and Field Generator consoles

I have no doubt that in seasons to come Cryptic will add more species to the fleet system, and those species will have a similar embassy system with special console rewards - with them most likely being boosted versions of less used Engineering and Tactical consoles. The overall intent, I think, is to make running different, more varied builds more viable and make the metagame more interesting.

TLDR; The Embassy Consoles are to give pure science players more of a reason to specialise in builds built around science abilities, without losing viability in today's meta.

P.S. as an escort captain myself, I can tell you that most of us do use the science slots for Field Generators; I personally use one and a Romulan Inertial Dampener with the [-Th] [Pla] procs
Unfortunately, the only way they will be able to do that is to cutoff the effectiveness of the generators so that people can no longer get that extra 51% to total shields. If they made it so those would only do that for the bigger ships like carriers or large combat ships with no maneuverability then yeah I can see that theory working. Right now everyone can stack them and everyone will because it's easier to heal yourself even with a lower heal rating then it is to heal someone else with an ability that has to be manually targeted.

If they made these abilities smarter, ie going to the person with the lowest hit points automatically, and changed the consoles so they'd only stack for the larger ships that need the extra shielding, and fixed the science abilities so that they can heal shields much more effectively then they do then they could get away with leaving these out. As it is now, not so much.