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One of the novels I wrote prior to the change of management at Star Trek Novel Central delt with Borg adaptation.

Basically they can and will adapt to anything you throw at them given a big enough sample. A tommy-gun and a single Klingon with a fancy knife are not enough of a threat to warrant adaptation.

Suddenly deploy mini-guns and claymore-swords on the front-line and make a dent in the Borg advance? Yeah they'll adapt.

The story I wrote dealt with this -- there is nothing the Borg cannot adapt to that is what makes them the ultimate threat. They may choose to ignore you for now, but when they come for you NOTHING will stop them. Not guns, not swords, not even silly-string.

As originally written the Borg were supposed to be an unstoppable force of nature that could not be stopped. Same way as a core-breach was originally supposed to be an utter freak of an accident and nearly impossible to cause. Not the engine-glitch of the week. As it stood First Contact and Voyager watered them down into shambling zombie-clowns and pitiful villains-of-the-week.

The best novel that ever delt with Borg was Vendetta by Peter David. That is how the Borg were supposed to be. Only an intervention by a higher-power could stop the advance and even then the Borg gradually adapted to what was thrown at them.

My personal two cents worth -- and nearly soft-canon at that too. If the %&*& management hadn't gone overboard with the relaunch stuff my story Force Of Nature would have seen the light of day as a TNG numbered novel.