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Originally Posted by ssargon View Post
Actually critting that gives a purple torp rather than a blue torp, iirc. Absolutely identical in every way but base value, so a vendor will pay you slightly more for it.

Unless, of course, it got changed at some point and gives the purples on both success and crit now. Only did it once recently and critted.
Nope. There is only the very rare version of the Hargh'peng Torpedo Launcher. No other version exists. I have about 5 of these torps (1 on each of my ships) from that assignment and this was the first time I got a critical success.

So the bug I'm reporting is that the assignment gives no additional rewards upon critical success, or any rewards for a normal success. All you get is the torpedo launcher and nothing else. It could at least give some skill/expertise points with more on a critical if anything but it doesn't.

Federation players have to obtain this torpedo launcher from the episode "The Doomsday Device". KDF have to get it from this (rare) doff assignment.
Modifiers: Hargh'peng Torpedo Launchers do not come with modifiers suffixes, as other weapons normally do, as they are already a Very Rare item.

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