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I normally look at a foundry from the 3 points of view below then rate them accordingly, however that said, im stuck in a choice between three of them and I have no diea what to pick.

Map Design: Depths of Nukara Prime (custom ship and caves)

Mechanics: The Second Light (Shuttle trip)

Story: The Tangled Webs We Weave

So, well, I am open to bribes, but other than that, I cannot honestly pick between the three.
I use 5 factors, and rate each on a scale of 0 to 7. then look to see which mission scores highest.

Story concept: This is just the basic concect of the story, not the specifics of how it's written.
Story execution: This would be the specifics of how the story is written.
map designs: How well thought out are the map designs? This is more of a conceptual thing than a technical thing.
objective designs: How well thought out are the mission objectives?
technical merit: How dazzling was the skill of the author in using the foundry tools to create the mission?

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