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Let's see I wasn't meaning to start a whole bloody thing about whiny Feds or anything like that. But, since everyone is doing all this...Let's go back in to cannon history.

Kirk steals the Cloaking Device from the Romulans. This was actually done prior to the Klingons obtaining the cloaking device during the third technology trade with the Romulans.
1st Technology Trade - Obtain Warp drive technology that would allow them to obtain speeds to be a tactical element in the universe.
2nd Technology Trade - The Klingon K-Hulls. The Battlecruiser and a few other "older" designs. BY this time the Klingon Empire started to field photon-torpedo style torpedoes and they was also traded to the Romulans during this trade along with FTL beam weapons. The Old series battlecruiser didn't use torpedoes.
3rd Technology Trade - This dealt more with the Klingons obtain some items more than the Romulans obtaining the goodies. This is the trade that the Klingons received the Bird of Prey and the Cloaking Device. This is the BoP that all Klingon players love.

There has also been several published books that said the Federation did develop the cloaking device prior to the Klingons obtaining it. The Federation is known to have used the Cloaking device during "Special Operation" missions. This technology was also applied to buildings that the Federation used to observe lesser advanced civilizations.
It was stated that when Kirk turned the device over to the Federation Admiralty they tried to install it into another testbed ship, but the device failed to operate.

The Old-style Romulan Cloaking device isn't an individual operating device on its own. The device has to be plugged into the ship's shield grind. This is the actual reason why the starship's shield will not operate during the operation of the cloaking device. If both is operated, the starships shielding system will overload. This style of Cloaking Device was changed out to a system that was integrated into the starships hull. The Cloaking Device on the BoP is the tubular looking structure that is located on the upper forward section of the command boom's pod. When a starship operates its cloaking device it actually switches onto a passive sensor instead of an active sensor. This is the reason why a starship cannot fire weapons while under the cloaking device. The passive sensor can only scanner and detect objects, it cannot be used to fire weapons. This is like a sniper going and operating a laser targeting system in the middle of the night, its a dead give away. The Cloaking Device also draws an enormous amount of power from the starship's power grid.

All of these reasons. Passive Sensors, no shields, drawing power from the starship's power grid is the actual reasons that the Federation wouldn't use the cloaking device. Federation Captains would rather have the constant protection of their shields and be able to detect and identify a target rather than seeing only "sensor shadows". The fact that a treat was written with the Romulans that the Federation wouldn't use the device is just the writers reason not to use the device on Federation starships.

Cloaking Device used by Federation starships. The biggest example is the starship that was used by 7of9's parents while they was observing the Borg. They used a cloaking device to accomplish this. At no time did they mention where they got the device from, but it would be assumed that the device was an integrated part of the starship's design.
What timeline are you refering to with Kirk? I do not remember him acquiring a Romulan coaking device in the TOS and only seen him have any experience with the KDF cloaking from when they captured the BoP on the third movie. Long long after the Klingons had teaded Battle cruisers and better warp drives with the Romulans for disruptors and cloaking technology.