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OOC: I just realized this retrofit works well since I recently bought the Sao Paulo skin for my in game Defiant. So we'll just say the ship's exterior is being retrofitted also.

Voporak (walking down a corridor to where Dorman is): I hope they finish this soon. If I'm simply going to be scanning some rocks for a few weeks, I think I may need to hitch a ride on the next black hole to-

*The door he walked up to opens*

Voporak: Excuse me, Admiral. When this update is completed, will you be accompanying me or returning to somewhere else?
*Dorman is looking at his pendant in front of a window viewing the stars.. The weight of trauma still on him but also still trying to feel around for his place in the new world...*

*Hears Voporak*

Dorman: Oh.. Sorry Captain... Caught in my memories... Reviewing them... We have recieved word from the Republic... There was an incident during James' treatment... Miranda has given birth to twins... but it looks like she is not going to make it... The little family was exposed to something new a organic substance looking like this *hands him the data pad of the compound..* They have been unable to synthesize it...