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03-05-2013, 08:44 PM
Well, this was one I was waiting for in a way. STORYTIME!

Way back when we all had the bug that was displaying bridge officer clones, I was scanning the forums and I saw the list of old things. Challenge #6, "Not THAT guy ..." inspired me to write a little short story explaining it for just myself, and perhaps a few friends. I was going to blame it on a crewmember. A holographic malfunction brought on by a rogue Iconian virus.

Then I realized this was something Barclay would do. And that the STO universe had yet to include a Barclay.

This had to change.

And so I wrote this story which I posted here as a spiritual inclusion to the #6 Challenge and posted it on the forums in random discussion. Got a few chuckles, and thought that was it. And then foundry happened.

Since this story was so fun to write, as I was making a foundry test mission on tribble I put a tiny plot with all my experiments involving Barclay as I poked with new and old features. The character wrote herself, after all. Then something amazing happened, people actually were playing my testing mission and enjoying it. 200 plays on TRIBBLE later, I was convinced to remake it on the Holodeck server.

Thus, "A Will and A Barclay" was born. My most popular foundry mission with over 11k + plays. The spin-off mission "One Too Many" winning a Foundry Challenge and a Spotlight.

So, that was it. This story inspired by Challenge 6, which I didn't get to take part in, among other things was the original conception of the character and Foundry Series involving Amanda Barclay. It's still fun for me to go back and see where it all began, and I am elated to include it with a redux look at Challenge #6.

Goes to show these things can inspire something BIG.

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