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Originally Posted by shadowfang240 View Post
yeah, elite STF bosses and nothing else

Change it.
I find it invaluable against bosses too and STFs in general, but like you said currently not much else.

Now, before we go rewriting the rule book, why is it in effective vs everything else?

Primarily the ability is an energy weapons debuff and small radiation DoT skill. Thus complimenting the roll of engy cruisers as tanks or support vessels. It's not inherently an offensive skill nor should it be.

For me my main problem is that it can only be fired in a narrow 90 degree arc. On cruisers that'll have this ability especially in PvP that's almost useless. I'd make it 360 (so you can use it on those pesky escorts sitting on your tail) or at least a 180 degree arc.

Second is the cool down. It's a long time to wait between debuffs.

If I were to add anything to the ability I would make it more an AoE effect, if keeping a non 360 arc make everyone in the arc for 5km should get effected by it (to perhaps a lesser extent). Or perhaps you shoot a target and an AoE bubble forms from the target much like grav well but just for weapons debuffs and a little DoT. Would certainly be nice when trying to tank multiple aggroed targets at once instead of popping all your heals then dying a few seconds later.

Didn't realise the tier 3 of this ability gives a 75% debuff. Will have to give that a go tonight. Only been using AB1 up until now.
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