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Let's see I wasn't meaning to start a whole bloody thing about whiny Feds or anything like that. But, since everyone is doing all this...Let's go back in to cannon history.
You want to play this game?

Kirk steals the Cloaking Device from the Romulans. This was actually done prior to the Klingons obtaining the cloaking device during the third technology trade with the Romulans.
Correct, but lets go about what you FAIL to mention that the only Federation ships with cloaking devices we seen were the Defiant that used a borrowed Romulan Cloaking device and the Galaxy-X that come from a alternative time.

Also there the Pegasus that shown how the Federation had FAILED to create a functional cloaking device.

Not relevant.

There has also been several published books that said the Federation did develop the cloaking device prior to the Klingons obtaining it. The Federation is known to have used the Cloaking device during "Special Operation" missions. This technology was also applied to buildings that the Federation used to observe lesser advanced civilizations.
It was stated that when Kirk turned the device over to the Federation Admiralty they tried to install it into another testbed ship, but the device failed to operate.
Now you bring the Pegasus ...

The rest is irrelevant as well, novels are non-canon and so are videogames.

Insurrection is a different ballgame, it certainly flies in the Treaty of Algeron and there are other issues with it being a actual cloaking device.

The Old-style Romulan Cloaking device isn't an individual operating device on its own. .... The fact that a treat was written with the Romulans that the Federation wouldn't use the device is just the writers reason not to use the device on Federation starships.
No, the reason they dont is because they are scientists and do go sneaking around.

Simply put, they put a moral high ground over any potential tactical advantage, they dont use cloaking devices because it means they would be sneaking around being not exactly different that TOS Klingons or Romulans.

Cloaking Device used by Federation starships. The biggest example is the starship that was used by 7of9's parents while they was observing the Borg. They used a cloaking device to accomplish this. At no time did they mention where they got the device from, but it would be assumed that the device was an integrated part of the starship's design.
No, they didnt ...

The USS Revan used a multi-adaptive shielding to avoid being detected by the Borg (that dont go look out the window to see if there is something following them).

Here is the page:

So far the only two ships with a cloak have been the Defiant and that come from Romulans put it there and the Galaxy-X from a alternative future timeline.

STO made clear the Treaty of Algeron is in effect, the only exclusions are the Galaxy-X and the Defiant ... you want a cloaking device, buy one of them.

End of discussion.