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Originally Posted by sgtstarfall View Post
As for my worst experience on an STF, it's hard to choose. I play a lot of space and ground STFs and it's hard to choose which was my worst. It's a hard choice, but here's one that I played recently:

I was doing an Elite Infected Ground run and this guy did worse than absolutely nothing. He moved ahead of the team, triggering the optional timer and the assimilation process of the Fed crew members....and proceeds to die by drawing aggro from every borg around him. Then he goes, "Res me guys! You guys suck! Hurry up!" etc. The unfortunate thing was that all of us were tactical captains - while we can clear the room rather quickly, the borgs can also mop the floor with us just as quickly. We had to play carefully and take cover after drawing aggro. But as soon as we cleared one room and res that guy, he just kept doing the same thing over and over.

I had long since given up on the optional, knowing full well there are those trolls out there that would like nothing more than to screw up pub games, but what ticked me off the most was that this guy just ranted excessively, calling us a fail team and such and being a jackass all game long.
That sounds exactly like the very same guy I had the misfortune of pugging with last year. I take it he had a lot of regenerators but not a single hypo/shield charge?