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03-05-2013, 09:46 PM
One of the problems I have is when I want to make a story with the foundry I have specific things I want to do and then I cannot do them. When I try to work around those issues it just ends up being something that other players pretty much don't like and I can't really blame them if I can't really stand behind it either.

Pretty much the resolution is being able to craft an npc like the devs can where you can mold a npc down to its powers, weapons, etc and not have to create a full npc group as well. Not to mention being able to create inanimate combat objects like mortars turrets etc to make a more challenging things for ground. For the KDF side too we are just missing too much of the lore which comes around to standard melee weapons, ritual weapons, iconic locations that have been in KDF lore since TOS to Voyager. Even if it would take too much time for actual Cryptic Employees to make such missions as long as I had everything I need to make one I wouldn't mind attempting to make some mission types that haven't even been dabbled with yet by anyone from players to Cryptic employees. You just have to have the right tools to do the right job.