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03-05-2013, 10:56 PM
Originally Posted by jornado View Post
Well, I'd rather they verified my info every time I purchased, it would make me feel a helluva lot safer. And since if PWE wants your info, all they have to do is ask your ISP, I think you may just want to invest in a nice fashionable tin foil hat.
If you want to put all personal information in their hands that's fine,but don't cry on the forums when you get hacked because they have a security leak or sold the info to a third party,there is nothing in the 'fine print' that prevents them from doing just that.And if something does happen,the 'fine print' keeps them from being accepted the terms,so it's your responsibility.

On the other hand,if something happens with my Paypal account that isn't my fault,I am covered.Placing PayPal between me and PWE is my safeguard.

Call me paranoid all you won't change my mind on how I feel about PWE and their 'security'.