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# 1 Fleet Excelsior Purchase
03-06-2013, 02:04 AM
Fleet Excelsior Purchase

Hi All,

Needing some guidance pretty please, tried searching the forum but not getting the answer I need

I was going to purchase a C-Store Excelsior when I noticed the fleet version came with more spec, so I purchased 5 Fleet ship modules instead as I have 20k of fleet credits and some fleet marks, unfortunately this is another part of the game I didn't understand (my fault), to purchase I need to have completed ship provisioning at a Star base?

Now this is the bit that not sinking in at all, I'm not part of a fleet but I have been contributing to a Star Base at earth space dock, I'm wrongly or righty assuming it the one everybody sees? I've added items for others in the fleet bank, Dilithum to projects and duty officers a have spare? this Star base is tier 3 but I don?t see provisioning project for me to do?

I?m I barking up the wrong tree and need to join a fleet?

Thanks in advance experts!

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