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Originally Posted by warbird001 View Post
Eh... just as a counter point, Species 8472 can use consoles with their stupidly long fingers and three legs. So why can their not be variations of the Gorn... Humans have plenty of variations, ethnic backgrounds etc... could this not be the same for the Gorn?

To be blunt, if the Gorn were that intelligent, they would not be slaves to the Klingon's currently. Even the Federation has beat the Klingon's into a stalemate... are you telling me the Gorn Hegemony are incapable of this? Bull$^$?

I certainly would not let my intelligent, ancient and culturally based race be taken over by a bunch of battle-mad barbarians and technological inferiors. The Klingon's get most of their technology by stealing it from other races they have conquered and still use old ships like B'Rel and K'tinga in battle.

No wonder they get easily sidestepped by the Federation every single time... DS9 Season 4 anyone?

Lets not even count the time when a whole Fleet of Klingon Ships were incapable of overcoming one Cardassian space station... says better things about the Cardassians to be honest.
OP, species 8472 aka 'Undine' come from fluidic space and the ships they use are made of biological matter and are allive sort of speak - in a very different way it can be reffered to "Moya" if you watched Farscape. I really don't want to know what kind of consoles the Undine use on them!

Yes, humans and other races have variations, skinn colour, ethnic background...but these Gorn and the regular Star Trek Gorn are so different that the only comparison I can make is having playable Neanderthals as a part of the human race.

Now, I see that you're a Gorn fan, and that's cool, I myself fancy the Nausicaans because they're space pirates, but you have to keep it real.
Comparing the power of the Gorn Hegemony to the Federation is just wrong. The Gorn Hegemony has never been that much of a major player in the interstellar happenings in Star Trek. To assume that if the Federation can withold Klingon attack so can the Gorn Hegemony is just not right. The Federation is one of the major powers in Star Trek if not the No1. interstellar power out there.

Now about Klingons, I get the feeling that you have the wrong impression about them.
The Klingon society is led by the warrior caste, but that doesn't mean that this is the only thing they have going on. And if you call them barbarians you really need to re-watch some Klingon episodes from the series or read a couple of Star Trek books based on the Klingon Empire.
Technological inferriors? Ty'Gokor anyone?? That's where Klingons develop their ships and tech.
The Negh'Var - the canon flagship of the Klingon Empire was developed in Ty'Gokor by a team of engineers led by a female engineer named Kurak.
If they still use B'rel and K'tinga and remain one of the major powers in Star Trek, what does that say about the level of their technology?
And on another note, if Klingons were mindless barbarians, how do you explain the fact that Klingon Intelligence was the one who found out that the Founders had infiltrated the Cardassian ruling council? Not Section 31, not Tal'Shiar, not the Obsidian Order, but plain old Klingon Intelligence?
And again in STO, who was that found out the Undine infiltration in the major powers in the Alpha & Beta quadrants?