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03-06-2013, 03:06 AM
Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
I think they should make the cloaking device something you can buy for all factions at the Romulan rep store

except in 1 ship it is mostly useless - that being the B'Rel

Most Feds complaining about the clock are just basing their experience off of what happens in Ker'rat

In 9/10 PvP matches against Fed players - KDF players come at them uncloaked

Not many KDF players use the cloak in PvP - so I don't think most Fed players know how useless it is.

If they did some Fed vs KDF PvP they would see.

Ignore Ker'rat - it's just a silly zone.
In instanced PvP while flying BoPs or Raptors, I generally cloak, move toward enemy, attack in coordination with others, and just stay uncloaked. Only time I re-cloak regularly is if I'm against a not-so-good team. Most of the time, trying to get away to re-cloak is a waste of time, and you'll probably get chased anyways. Not worth the risk.

Ker'rat is where the cloaking devices thrive, and only when Fed players don't know enough to keep an eye out and keep using sensor scans and whatnot.