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03-06-2013, 02:43 AM
Thanks for the replies guys, Well a guess I must be in a fleet then, don't remember joining it tho.. it is tier 3 but i can't purchase the ship even tho it looks like I have all the requirements..

So I have some more questions please, how do I contact my fleet leader if there is such a thing to allow me to purchase or how do I leave a fleet to join a better fleet one where I can start enjoying some team play and buy ships.

I'm gratefull of the offer to purchase baudl, this is kind of you but i will need to earn some more first as I've just put another 10k in the fleet Star Base sadly

I would prefer to be in a fleet with some light minded players that i can game with and learn from, I have not problem putting towards Star Base efforts as I have lots of nice items for my leveled toon already

thanks again