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This is the one thing I could not understand completely about the text. Players don't really need more Dilithium earning, all we really need is to get rid of the 8000 refined/day.
Lockbox keys have become the primary item that sells on the C-store as all those who have extra money, have gone as far as they care to on fleet holdings and reputation, or simply have not bothered to start them (or at the very least are tackling them casually, focusing on only one at a time) are content to just throw money at the game to gamble on winning the latest jackpot ship.

For the rest of us whose focus is playing through these grindfests that Cryptic calls content, dilithium requirements are steep, and the only options we have is to spend months refining enough dilithium on our own to complete our holdings and reputation projects, or to hit the Dilithium exchange and trade Zen for any RD we may want above what we can refine ourselves. This is what Cryptic wants.

They are not content to just grab the money that the key-buyers throw at the game. They want money from those who couldn't care less about keys and fluff. And you know what? RIGHTLY SO!

We don't HAVE to spend money if we don't want to and can be content grinding our eyes out. Those of us who cannot stand the grind, but want to get what is at the end of it needs to stop whining about it and do what Cryptic intends us to do about it.

Fleet holdings too hard for small fleets? Join bigger fleets or grow yours. Not getting enough Dilithium per day to advance through projects as fast as you want? Buy som Zen and spend it on the Dilithium Exchange.

I know that what I just said pisses a lot of people off, but oh well. there are people solo-grinding fleet holdings and progressing, so it is not impossible. And a LOT of people have completed the Omega and Romulan reputation grind, even through casual play, so there is no real need for extra Reputation Marks.

There is yet another solution that actually works amazingly.

If you have not completed the rep grinds, pick the one that interests you the most and focus on that one, saving the other reputation content for later. Same goes for fleet holdings. If they blow your hair back, then pick the one that interests you the most and focus on it, leaving the other holdings content for later.

I have read it several times: "Not another fleet holding, That's just another set of projects to stretch my limited Dilithium on!"

It's like the thought doesn't occur to some people that just because they add yet another element does not mean you HAVE to engage in it on top of everything else... It's not like reputation status or progress on your fleet's holdings decays. If you want to try out the new grindfest, you can. The other grindfests aren't going anywhere.

I also have read many instances of "Cryptic is turning this game into a second job I have to work to get anywhere!" I may have even said it once or twice myself, But I have to call BS on that one too.

It only becomes like a second job if we want to make it into one. Fleet holdings and reputation progressions are elements that we CAN participate in. We are not in any way REQUIRED to participate in them. Heck, we are not even required to play the game at all.

I am tired people. For the better part of three years, my participation on these forums has been about trying to convince Cryptic to reach for the amazing potential I know this game has. And Cryptic has spent the better part of three years issueing the unspoken statement that the game is what it is and that's all it is. You know what? I finally get the message.

So we need to stop railing against Cryptic to change this or that to suit our personal needs in an MMO and simply make a decision as to whether or not we want to continue playing. Issues like what this thread was originally about are worth championing, because what Cryptic did with the arbitrary removal of fleet marks without an effective redistribution solution was just plain STUPID and they needed to be ripped a new one over it. And yes it did result in a lot of light being shed on STO's other problems connected with design decisions more than just bugs that cropped up.

However, I do not see anything coming of those revelations. Much of the corrective measures for them would require that Cryptic go backwards and they really need to go forewards.

Cryptic owes us NOTHING. And at the same time, we owe Cryptic NOTHING. They are developers. We are players. This is just a game. If it is not fun, then quit playing. But we need to let go of all the entitlement-driven angst and just either play the game or not. That is the point I came to. I have not logged into the game since the Vallentine's Day Massacre. I went to war with the rest of you in this thread and what we went to war about has been achieved. Time to pull out and go home. I'm not ready to go back in game yet. When I am, I will. It's not going anywhere.
I personally want a Star Trek game that is actually Star Trek. On a qualitative level that could be a lot of different things for a lot of different people. But on a quantitative level, if the developers were to watch star trek and make the game like what they see, then at least it will be a shot in the right direction, as far as I am concerned.