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03-06-2013, 05:14 AM
Just ran a couple in Ker'rat, with mixed results:

Going solo against 3 to 5 enemy players: Incredible, I lasted longer than I usually do.

Going solo vs some guy in a BoP with Alpha Strike lined up: Not so good, but that's due to the fact that TT can't reallocate the shields fast enough. However, in a 1v1 with this guy, I lasted a bit longer than I would have, compared to using my old setup.

Going solo v some other guy in a BoP: Success, I was able to outlast the guy and keep my shields up while tearing into his hull. Took about two to three minutes to bring him down to 10% before he fled.

Overall, it's a promising build. I just need to find the better technician boffs to go alongside A2B, to reduce the CD on the second Tactical Team, and close the 5 second gap.

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