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@ marcus - Thank you! I had this one waiting because I was simply going to start writting on the past LCs in an open thread. That's why it was posted so fast after LC 40 was introduced. I had a hard time trying to figure out what would Kathryn have as a "prize" to keep. Then I recalled my utter joy playing the game in an Exeter (and hoping Cryptic will release a higher Tier or even a Fleet version) and went from there. I definitely wanted it to be something simple - my original thought was to transfer the Captain's chair as something she would carry with her from ship to ship. Also, Daikar *is* a character I want to keep using and thought it off putting to kill his Mirror-self as a way to introduce him. So, the last line was a way to bring some irony to the universe

Cast list:

Kathryn Beringer - Rachel Nichols
Daikar - Billy Zane

@ jonsills - Great piece and entertaining

@ designationxr337 - Excellent discriptions of EH technology and it's potential use - especially related to an in-game bug, brilliant merging of that with fiction to explain it!
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