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*The babies lay in their bio beds their eyes transfixed on T'mar... She can feel their power and their uniqueness...*

*As she tries to probe inward she is met by many voices of people she doesn't know and a few she does... All their ancestors... inside of them...

She does hear a man that is firm but kind... *

Mental voice of the boy: Please stay out of my mind.... I bring you no harm..

*The other one the girl.. much like her twin... but warmer and welcoming to some degree but modest..*

Mental voice of the Girl: My brother and I bring you no harm... He is not used to people just yet... T'mar.
Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
*James walks in on T'mar and his children..*

James: T'mar... are they?
T'mar: They're fine. I'm never seen minds this advanced, even in Betazoids! They already have a mental comprehension of advanced speech.

*Sam walks in, looking more relaxed than she did earlier. Andrews sees her and motions her over. T'mar gives Andrews a quick surface scan, frowning at what's on his mind. Sam follows Andrews into his Office, which is subsequently sealed.*

Sam: Well Doctor?

Andrews: The Children are developing at an extraordinary rate. In just 10 hours they've gone from foetuses to toddlers, and from what Lieutenant T'mar tells me, their minds are already at the same level as those of an adolescent.

Sam: How is that possible?

Andrews: It must be the nanoprobes that were injected into Allen. Miranda was hit by gas containing the same stuff. Everyone else got out quickly enough, but she got a much greater dose.

Sam: And the nanoprobes settled in the twins.

Andrews: Exactly.

Sam: What about Miranda?

Andrews: There's nothing we can do. There's been too much strain on her body. It's shutting down.

Sam: What about the Nanite Monitor?

Andrews: Sir, this has gone beyond the nanoprobe infestation. We're dealing with a body that has been completely overtaxed!

Sam: For God's sake! We can replace every organ in the human body with a cybernetic equivalent, and rewrite a person's genetic code to exempt them from hereditary illness, but we can't repair one human body?

Andrews: Medicine can only do so much. I'm sorry, Captain.

Sam: What about the children?

Andrews: At this rate, they'll be fully grown adolescents in a day. I've never seen anything like it!

Sam: Didn't something similar happen in the 2360s?

Andrews: Yes, but that was an alien entity, and it took several days to mature to the age of 8. These children could reach that point in a few hours for all I know!

There's another thing. T'mar says they mean no harm, but she's also admitted that they're even stronger telepaths than her. That means they could hide things from her.

Sam: Doctor, they're only children.

Andrews: Sir, those children already have an understanding of violence and morality. Under normal circumstances, I'd agree with you, but regulations require I at least inform you of my concerns.

Sam: And you have done so.

What about James?

Andrews: I'm not sure...

The scans aren't clear on what's happening to his body.

Sam: And the alien?

Andrews: Again, I'm not sure. I haven't been able to get much information from the autopsy.

Sam: What do you need?

Andrews: That's exactly the problem. What I need is illegal.

Sam: Please don't say biomimetic gel...

Andrews: A Vivisection.

*Sam stares at Andrews for a while, a disapproving look on her face.*

Sam: You need to cut one open while it's alive?

Andrews: Like I said, it's illegal. Vivisections were outlawed by the Federation in 2161, and have always been so in the Republic.

Sam: There's nothing else you can learn from a post-mortem?

Andrews: No.

Sam: Then focus your energies on your living patients. *She looks out at the two children, T'mar kneeling in front of them.*

Don't let anything happen to them, Doctor. James wouldn't be able to take that.

Andrews: I'll do my best.

Sam: I know you will.

*Sam walks out of the office.*

T'mar *In the children's minds*: Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere you don't want me to. I'm just making sure you're okay, okay?

Sam: Lieutenant.

*T'mar looks up to see Sam at the door.*

A moment?

*T'mar nods and follows Sam outside.*


T'mar: Sam, I know what Andrews told you.

Sam: Do you honestly think they're dangerous?

T'mar: Are you asking for my personal opinion, or my opinion as Chief of Security?

Sam: Which one do you feel more comfortable with?

T'mar: They say they mean us no harm. But, they were blocking even my surface scans. It could be that they're just uneasy around someone they don't know, or...

Sam: T'mar, straight answer.

T'mar: I don't think they'll try to intentionally harm us, Sam.

Sam: But?

T'mar: But... all bets are off. We have no idea of their full capabilities.

Sam: Alright. I would ask you to assign a security officer to them, but I don't think it's necessary.

T'mar: No.

Sam: T'mar, I want you to work with them. You're a telepath, you can help them explore their abilities and learn to control them.

T'mar: Sam, theirs something you should know.

I've been shielding them.

Sam: You said they were more powerful telepaths than you.

T'mar: They are. It's been taxing me a little, but until I teach them how to block out stray thoughts...

Sam: Can you handle it?

T'mar: I can mind-meld with them and give them the same telepathic control I have, but these kids are still young. Normally, a relative does it because of the inherent trust, but James' telepathy is a new-type effect. He accesses the telepathy. Normal telepaths have to block the telepathy.

Sam: So James doesn't have the same control measures in place.

Can you do it?

T'mar: If I can get their trust.

Sam, those kids are broadcasting everywhere. That isn't new-type telepathy. It's too prevalent and far too strong.

Sam: Do your best, T'mar.

And, T'mar, I was wondering about your fail-safe--

T'mar: It's genetic, not telepathic. I only have it because my mother had it.

Sam: Okay. T'mar, the safety of those kids is your responsibility. Understood?

T'mar: Understood.

Sam: Good. I'll be on the bridge if you--

*Sam suddenly sees 2 red eyes in her mind, filling every corner. She collapses on the deck.*

T'mar: Sam?! Sam!

*She kneels down next to her, checking her pulse before feeling her skin. Her temperature's rising rapidly.*

Oh god!

*She rushes to the door, opening it up into Sickbay. Andrews is speaking with Doctor Mamora.*


*Andrews looks and sees Sam unconscious on the floor.*

Andrews: What the--?!

*He grabs a medical tricorder and med-kit before running over. He kneels down and activates the tricorder, showing a drop in Sam's vitals and a rise in temperature. He notices her pendant glowing vitally.*

What in the world...?

T'mar: Oh no.

*T'mar places her hands on Sam's face.*

Andrews: What're you--?

T'mar *quickly*: My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts. Our minds are merging. Our minds are one.

*T'mar close her eyes as they start glowing a soft blue.*

Andrews: Cordical stimulators!

I wish somebody would warn me when they pull a mind meld like this!

*The mental barrier shielding the children drops while T'mar is in the meld, exposing the children to the thoughts of the entire crew.

A nurse passes 2 cordical stimulators to Andrews, who puts them on Sam's and T'mar's foreheads.*

What the hell is going on?

*Sam's body temperature starts to reach over 38 degrees.*

5cc's Cordrazine! 5cc's Darmoline!

*Another nurse passes him a hypo and 2 vials: one labelled 'Cordrazine' and one labelled 'Darmoline'. Both are marked for 'Extreme Situations ONLY'. Since Sam's body temperature is rising faster than her vitals are falling, he puts the Darmoline in the hypo and checks the dosage is set to 5cc's.*

Nurse: Shouldn't we move her?

Andrews: Not during the meld! If we break the meld now, we could lose both of them!

Andrews to Bridge!
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