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03-06-2013, 09:31 AM
To the issues surrounding dilithium:

If cryptic wants players to feel like they aren't being sharked for funds then it's finally time to do something about the 8k(+1k vet bonus)/day dilithium problem. When you watch Star Trek on any given series or episode involving dilithium, you'll notice that it's very rare and small in commodity.

Dilithium awards should be scaled down across the board to minor amounts and the cap for refinement needs to be lifted to unlimited refinement. Fleet projects are out of sync with the thematic rationalization of how much dilithium it needs for a project. Why would a recruitment stage even need dilithium anyway? When has a starbase ever needed 3 million refined dilithium crystals? That should be enough to power entire fleets of ships all at once for numerous months. The enterprise ran off of 1 single dilithium crystal at a time for instance.

So for those who spend money on the game it makes sense that a dilithium mining claim would actually be considered a reward. So far they're completely worthless as 8-9 rounds of STF alone is enough to hit the cap limit per day.

Basically I mean not to offend the developers but it is rather lazy to create arbitrary amounts for fleet projects and not consider the logical or the mechanical impacts it has on players. There really is no feasible purpose for dilithium refinement caps.


A It's easy to create progressive tiered methods of achievement. It'd be prudent to allow your development achievement via DOFF management for how much refinement is possible an hour or how much dilithium ore itself is possible to be refined at once or the timing of that completed refinement etc.

B It's worthy to install random isolated chances of already refined dilithium upon completing exploration missions. This makes exploration FUN again. Nobody really wants to visit a nebulae or a random star cluster anymore unless they're EC poor and want to gather data samples/etc.

C Scale down the requirements of dilithium in all fleet projects. Honestly it shouldn't take more than 1k Dilithium to properly stock a Tier3 shipyard for instance. Especially when Dilithium rewards as proposed would award more like 1-10 dilithium ores.

Allow more variable means of access dependent on the capabilities of the player. There should be plenty of Ferengi willing to exchange contraband for Dilithium for example. Make the Haggle ALIVE and allow us to propose the confines of the exchange based off of our trade skill. (Make it a worthwhile skill).

In short this would impact the exchange in order to VALUE our monetary contributions to Cryptic. Allow players to grind for it if they choose and purchase our Zen at a reasonable exchange price. Right now the exchange is shot because 8k dilithium a day does not realistically compensate for the overly infused amount of zen that's still awaiting purchase from players.

Please fix the dilithium to zen exchange problem. Thanks.