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03-06-2013, 08:36 AM
I had a horrible experience last night, was going through the minefields I clear 3 asteroids by myself on the left, didn't clear the 4th because a JHAS and Dkora decided to head left as well. Plus we had someone AFK'ing, who the hell afk's in gorn minefield, really! So as the left is cleared both the JHAS and dkora venture to the phase 2 area only to sit there waiting. so I decide to follow suite cause im not letting these pricks steal my 1st place. so we waited over 4 minutes before the 4th guy we had left the FA we waited for someone else to pop in and free the last remaining freighter. I know I shoulda gone and cleared it myself but having that prick sit there for 4 min doing just waiting so he can dps **** down just makes me want to blow his bug ass ship down. So once phase 2 starts its a dps race between me and the Jemmy, so after taking out almost 3 groups by my self. I turn to begin repairing the facilities. Only to see the JHAS and the dkora just waiting already at the boss spawn point. So after repairing 5 facilities I leave one of them with 1 more repair to go and proceed to the boss. and there we sat once again for another 3 min or so until someone else decided to fix the facility. In the end I kicked his ass in dps and got first place. I know that I am just as much to blame as him since I decided to do exactly as they did but I just cant stand that type of play. Minefield shouldn't last more than 5-10 minutes and people shouldn't just camp spawn sites.