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Originally Posted by tpalelena View Post
To be honest the statistic parts of your post is really not in favour of your argument.
It says the Klingons were in around 16,6% of the tv episodes.
Such a low percent seems to be .... exactly presumptious.
Now since we all love battlecruisers, you should not mention such mathematical values. Even if the movie percentage is much better.
But as I already pointed out, when we make things the same percentage as in the show we can delete all the non-human player characters because the leads were all human.

And if we go even further we can add restrictions on every account that only allow 1 in 5 characters to be female, 1 in 5 to be non-American and 1 in 5 to be of African decent.
And on top of that since there was no Asian lead we can scrap those altogether.

But the big joke is that it's okay to go beyond the small window into the Star Trek universe the shows and movies gave long as the window is still only enlarged so encompasses the Federation some more.

While this weird double-standard of "was not the focus of the show" is employed once the focus is no longer on the Federation.