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Occ: ok have a moment to post so i will

Jacob gets up out of the vhair at the station. And soon reappears on the harvests bridge.

Sarah: where have you been!!

Jacob : Comm hail the 4th battle fleet.It is time we find out what really happened in romulan space. Ill be in my ready room.

Jacob sits down

Jacob: Mr Preston I am requesting you allow me and the 3rd fleet ti enter romulan space to find the ones responsible for what happened. As i am sure you would have no objection to us working together to solve this issue. I will await your response on the matter.

Jacob walks back onto the bridge

Jacob: report

Officer: sir the 3 rd fleet is on standby and we are ready to go as soon as you give the word.

Sarah : you think he will let us take 8 ships into romulan space?

Jacob: Yes i do. He will hopefully use the oppurtunity to show he is willing to work with us to help them and he wants everyone to know it wasnt him.

Sarah: why the sudden change?

Jacob looks at her a moment

Jacob: The memory of an old friend. All hands stand by to warp as soon as i give the word. Maintane yellow alert.

Occ: also just so everyone knows jacob will be in the suit unless is specify otherwise just a heads up if any combat comes up. I will be abck in one and a half hours once class is over so leave me some play room please.
OOC: That is fine man..

*Preston answers the comm.*

Preston: I am confused Mr. Halsey first you want me to ceasefire...and now you want to enter Romulan Space.. I will grant it.. but you will have to coordinate with Kela and Gyunei on this one.