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Originally Posted by marcusdkane View Post
That was an absolutely fantastic read I thoroughly enjoyed it, the characterizations, the interactions, the emotional displays, all truly amazing
Thanks! BTW, I got a few typos and weird phrasings cleaned out of the story. I think we'd probably better move the rest of the discussion of that story out of this thread so as not to clutter up the LC discussion, though.

That sounds like a fantastic idea ^_^ Given our conversations, I think it would be safe to say that you have as good an understanding of Marcus' traits as any, so I would most certainly trust you to write him using your own judgement, although of course, I am always happy to answer any questions about him I think that if you read his and S'rR's' biographies, that should give a good indication into his thoughts, and if you wish to set it at that early point in Alyosha's career, this cast list shows the Endeavour's Senior Officers and the actors who would portray them, incase there would be any interaction between them.
Thanks! This will pre-date S'rR's, though, and the scenario I have in mind should not involve the rest of the Endeavour crew.

There will come a point, though, when I think Alyosha is going to say something that I won't be able to predict Marcus' response to. I will definitely ask you about that part, and don't be surprised if you get other questions from me as well.
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