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03-06-2013, 10:04 AM
Romulan/Omega Reputation Mrks = Cryptic's method of controling progress rate of rep projects. Since most sources only pay out a fixed amount per day and the ones you can complete as many times per day as possible only pay out mark point after having you run around collecting 10 of whatever.

Dilithium = Cryptic's method of controling the progress rate of fleet holding projects, specifically for those not spending any money on Zen to purchase RD. Steep RD costs ensure that even with additional RD purchased with Zen, obtaining enough to complete a project might take a few days... Unless your fleet is large enough with enough people actively contributing to the projects...

Both methods of control are clearly geared towards padding out the "content" so it cannot be blown through so fast that participants are left with an excessive amount of time before the next "content" is introduced.

A Casual approach to both reputation and Fleet Holdings "content" with more of an emphasis on doing things that one enjoys (In other words, the approach taken by those whose attitude is NOT "More grinding that I have to do before I can do what I want to do and enjoy doing") will ensure that there will be plenty to do before one can honestly say "I've done EVERYTHING." with the next new "Content" coming out likely before any of the existing "content" is done.

Too many of us have embraced the "I have to do EVERYTHING and I need to do it ASAP" mentality, and we have embraced it so strongly that we want to blame Cryptic for what our own frame of mind is driving us to do.

If they release actual mission content, then too many of us will blow through it in one or two days and be left with MONTHS to wait before the next mission content is released. and we accuse them of being lazy for not producing enough content to last.

But if they do create and deploy material that by design carries us through until they have the next wave of material ready, we accuse them of being lazy for creating minimal content and padding it out for months.

We have BEGGED them for new missions. They have explained to us how hard it is for them to release mission content in a timely manner, and we have responded with things like the one I frequently belted out:

"Foundry authors can turn out way better material than Cryptic can produce and in less time, so what is Cryptic's excuse."

And I ridiculed the response that detailed why it takes them so long, saying "If there's that much corporate red tape in the way of getting stuff done, then the entire process needs to be reworked...

Thing is, the process is how Perfect World WANTS it to be. Cryptic has no choice but to work within the framework that has been dictated to them. So no. The process is NOT changing, no matter how much more efficient it may make things if it did.

It IS what it IS.

So either we want to wait months and months with nothing to do between mission chain releases, or we accept that forward going story content will come in the forms of adventure zones with reputation progression grinds regulating progress, ensuring that the content will last until, or until not to long before the next material comes.

And just a word to those who insist on an increase in the payout rate of marks or in the cap on daily personal RD, Cryptic will make sure that it still takes roughly the same calculated amount of time to progress by also increasing the Mark/RD costs on projects. An exception that they might be willing to make would be lowering the costs on older grindfests to always keep things moving towards the newest material. Perhaps a 10% decrease in costs every time a new grindfest of that type is introduced.

For example, Now that Embassies are in, drop the costs of all Fleet Starbase projects by 10%. When the next holding comes out, Starbases will have the cost will drop by 10% again, and the Embassy projects will drop by 10% for the first time...

If a project costs 100,000rd, then after its first 10% reduction, it would cost 90,000rd.
After its second 10% reduction it would cost 81,000rd. It will take a while before the price drops so far that projects can be easily soloed for fleet holdings. However, it will make it easier for older fleet holdings to be finished up as newer holdings become available.

The game needs to always be moving forward.
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