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Well, Ok, I did some digging, and it took a damd long time to find the info.

I went looking for Romulan player numbers for the Starfleet Command series.

SFC-II, and Orion Pirates in Dynaverse play.
Federation 60%, Klingons 15% Romulan 7% Gorn 5% Kizinti, 5%, Lyran 5% Hydran 3%
(Orion players in Dynaverse play of SFC-II:OP tended to be player second accounts as they didn't really have a direct interaction with the player empires)

Federation 35% Klingon 25% Romulan 15%, Borg 25%

Yep, Rommies are sexy.. but not quite THAT sexy. Still, in the long term I would like to see a strong Romulan faction in STO. In SFC-III they were behind the Klingons for numbers, whio were in a dead heat with the Borg, with Federation having the largest numbers, but not by much.

The SFC-III numbers though are the ones I consider the most important. SFC-III in multiplayer dynaverse play was purely a territorial game. Most fights were one on one, but the game had a mechanic where other players could warp in in the middle of a fight.
It tended to be wild and wolly. In the single player game only the Federation, Klingon, and Romulans had a story arc. The Borg were strictly reserved for monster play in multiplayer.


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It may help to remind some that in other games the Plasma torps were a major appeal as they were among the most powerful available, and also the least useful because they took so long to arm, required much more power to launch and had a significantly shorter range- NONE of those qualities are similarity modeled in STO. In STO the plasma torpedo moves slowly and is also the second least powerful torpedo in the game but is otherwise the same as every other torpedo.

Ya, I used to play a rommie on dyna until the futility of it sunk in.
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