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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
I dont think there will be a romulan faction , the people at cryptic cant be that out of touch with there own product, just look at their problems with a unfinished KDF

I think there may be a shared faction

Romulan refugee's with there ships and stuff on the /fed side

Romulan tal'shiar on the / KDF side

You buy a character at level 50 ! and have access to the ( Romulan ) ships and content but cant use it on your Fed or KDF characters just the romulan character
Honestly, that would suck on so many epic levels that it's not fun even discussing it.
The Romulan fans deserve to play in their own faction and have their own agenda. Imagine their dissapointment if this happens.
I stay by my assumption that a RSE developed at the level of the KDF is a far better choice then to tag along Rommies to the Fed. and the KDF.

Originally Posted by tpalelena View Post
To be honest the statistic parts of your post is really not in favour of your argument.
It says the Klingons were in around 16,6% of the tv episodes.
Such a low percent seems to be .... exactly presumptious.
Now since we all love battlecruisers, you should not mention such mathematical values. Even if the movie percentage is much better.
It depends on how you read it.
You mentioned the percentage not going in favour of Roach's argument.

One can see it as this - In a human/Federation centered series, out of something like 200 (or more) alien species, Klingons were present in roughly 1/5 of the series with their dedicated episodes. Doesn't sound so bad now, does it?

Originally Posted by tpalelena View Post
Honestly, is there any fact that actually shows, that people want KDF more then they want the Romulans?

The only thing that showed a little fact about it was the poll, and there the romulans were more popular.

You know, there might be a lot of players about who would prefer the romulans over the klingons.

The poll (And you can cry foul that a single romulan fan or a PWE employee hacked it, and I still won't believe you) shows that more people want a romulan faction then improved KDF.

I know that a lot of my friends beside me feel like that, for them the romulans just simply have much more appeal then the klingons.

Maybe they like the romulan culture better, or the looks of their ships and uniforms, etc.
It does not matter, for Cryptic should do what the majority wants.
Why? The same reason Feds get more C-store ships. The better something sells, the more priority it should have.
It's natural for people to desire something new, something unexplored, something that is yet to come. Hence the big interest of a Romulan faction. I'm speaking globaly, I know that the core RSE fans are fighting their own fight for the right to play as their favourite faction, they have done so always in the past and will continue in the future. Just as the KDF core.
But, it's not surprising at all for the players to have a vast interest in a whole new faction in STO, hell, that would be the biggest content injection in STO ever!

Everyone will join to try it out, but after a while and the initial passion and curiosity calms down, I assume that many Feds. will return to their Vestas, Oddys, Kumaris & Defiants.
I believe that if we ever have fully developed KDF & RSE in STO, when all the initial drama of a new faction is settled, the number of players would be something like roughly 40-50% Fed., and 25-30% RSE & KDF each.

I have always been a strong supporter of a Romulan faction in STO, even if I don't plan of playing it. But the fact being is that there already is a Klingon faction in STO. I just want the KDF to be provided with continuous content/ships/uniforms even if they are at slower rate. Just don't want to see KDF being killed off in favour of RSE.

P.S.Oh, and Khemaraa, sorry, but I can't agree with you on RSE & KDF players grouping to fight Feds.

The way I plan it is to enter a war zone under battlecloak, drink raktajino and observe your everyday Fed. messing around in his ship. Then when a Romulan Warbird decloaks and takes the Fed. by surprise, while they're engaged it's time to buff up - decloak and it's bye bye Rommie time!
Might as well give the Feds. reason to like Klingons more than Romulans!