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Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
There is no point in them producing grind content if it's turning players away.
here's the thing though (and you may not want to hear it): If the 'Grind' content WAS turning players away (and yes, they have metrics that they can see as to retention rate, how often a player logs in and plays; or if someone has stopped logging in for a long time, etc.) - they would probably shift their endgame content creation strategy.

Thing is, if you go by what DStahl has said in recent interviews, the changes in Seasons 6 and 7 to date have increased player numbers and player retention in the endgame portion. If you choose not to believe that's the case; that's fine, but if it is indeed what Cryptic is seeing, they aren't going to change a strategy that they see as validated by their metrics.

In talking about the pending UI upgrades; and the fact they now want to refine the existing tutorial (which has also been mentioned by DStahl in recent interviews); the reasons behind this is also because they are seeing a lot of players not stick with the game past the entire tutorial; or after a few levels; and a lot of the comments they're seeing on game exit polls (by those that take the time to fill them out), is that things are too confusing, or the learning curve is too high at the start; so they're now focusing on that.

The point: if they continue to do something, it's because overall, their metrics validate the practice (and this doesn't mean it's something liked by everyone who plays the game, just that it's more the overall majority that does seem to like it (and thus continue to log in and play/buy Zen) is substantially larger thn those that don't (and quit playing.)

If you want a prime example of this, take a look at the Lockbox master Key situation. On the forums, Lockboxes are reviled (and I myself don't care for them, and have never bought a key by any means, or opened a Lockbox with a paid Master key - but bthat's me); YET, it's been stated time and time again, that STO Zen sales are driven mostly by players using it to buy keys (to use themselves or sell on the EC exchange); and thus is the PRIMARY source of income for STO and is funding the Dev team expansion, and other STO game development; as well as turning a profit for PWE/Cryptic.

Bottom line: Unless you can get a majority of the playerbase (including those that have never really visit or read the official forums); Cryptic probably won't change their plans.
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