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Originally Posted by muaren View Post
Here's the most recent breakdown numbers of reviews and star ratings.
Listed in order of star ratings.
name of mission -number of reviews- star rating

Crystallization -73 -4.36
404 Error: Admiral Not Found -63 -4.35
Wibbly Wobbly Earth -84 -4.32
Depths of Nukara Prime -77 -4.27
The Tangled Webs We Weave -61 -4.25
The Anti-Lithera Machine -13 -4.15
The Web on the Mirror -14 -4.14
Do Cyrstal Spiders Dream? -16 -4
The Second Light -30 -3.97
Temporal Investigations -53 -3.94
Land of Hope and Glory -48 -3.85
The Tholian Transit Authority -14 -3.79
Shrouded By Misfortune -12 -3.75
Demons from the past -31 -3.29
The Beta Rana Incident -16 -3.06
Friend of my enemy -52 -2.23
The Package -6 -1.5
S.A.R (Tholians) -8 -1.12

3.57 average star rating for entire challenge
44.44% have 4 stars or more
Highest and lowest reviewed mission: 94 high compared to 6 low
37.3 average number of reviews for entire challenge
10 out of the 18 (or 55.6%) missions are below the average number of reviews.
Very nice to know of the numbers so far, but you (I think) also have to consider a factor which you can not measure: people who just click the "submit review" and keep the default of 3 stars (well, I think this happens, I'm unsure).

Good to know though, for those who have bothered to submit a review and a rating. Mine, Temporal Investigations - my first ever foundry mission has done well in my opinion, 1/2 up there. Not too bad for a 1st mission and foundry experience!

I don't think I have a chance of being spotlighted, but it's been a fun and great experience.

I know for sure when this is over I'll be adding a ton of extra things, maybe a new map or two - I just never had the time. Only found out about this 5 days before the voting started!

Whoops!!! XD

Dear Dev:

In future foundry challenges, although I'm a new author, one feature for the foundry competitions which would dramatically increase voting (from my opinion) would be to add an extra tab to the foundry selection. You'd have "Foundry Missions", "Review Content", and an added extra: "Foundry Challenge X".

I don't know how it would work in terms of how it'll get there, or how/when it should start the reward, but it would draw more attention to the missions.

I'm unsure if this has been suggested before, or if you can't do this and only list the missions on the forums, but imagine, it would be a lovely little add on. Just saying!