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To be blunt, if the Gorn were that intelligent, they would not be slaves to the Klingon's currently. Even the Federation has beat the Klingon's into a stalemate... are you telling me the Gorn Hegemony are incapable of this? Bull$^$?

I certainly would not let my intelligent, ancient and culturally based race be taken over by a bunch of battle-mad barbarians and technological inferiors. The Klingon's get most of their technology by stealing it from other races they have conquered and still use old ships like B'Rel and K'tinga in battle.

No wonder they get easily sidestepped by the Federation every single time... DS9 Season 4 anyone?

Lets not even count the time when a whole Fleet of Klingon Ships were incapable of overcoming one Cardassian space station... says better things about the Cardassians to be honest.
First off, the Gorn are not "slaves" to the Klingons. They're a vassal/protectorate. And the reason they were eventually defeated (after a decades-long and very brutal war) was because Undine infiltrators had replaced many of the Gorn's military leader.

The Klingons use B'Rels and K't'ingas because they still work. They are a very practical race, with an "If it ain't broke don't fix it" mentality. That doesn't stop them from building bigger and better.

The way I look at it, took a race as badass as the Klingons to conquer the Gorn Hegemony (and to do that they needed to lay siege to Gornar for three years.) And it takes the almighty Federation to hold off the Klingon Empire.

Oh and that Cardassian space station? Lovingly spruced up by one Senior Chief Specialist Miles Edward O'Brien and packing the firepower equivelant to half-a-dozen Galaxy-class ships. That's a pretty tough nut to crack.

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