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03-06-2013, 12:04 PM
Originally Posted by enterprise629 View Post
Very nice to know of the numbers so far, but you (I think) also have to consider a factor which you can not measure: people who just click the "submit review" and keep the default of 3 stars (well, I think this happens, I'm unsure).

I don't think I have a chance of being spotlighted, but it's been a fun and great experience.

Dear Dev:

In future foundry challenges, although I'm a new author, one feature for the foundry competitions which would dramatically increase voting (from my opinion) would be to add an extra tab to the foundry selection. You'd have "Foundry Missions", "Review Content", and an added extra: "Foundry Challenge X".
1. The star rating, I've found, has nothing to do with who will win the challenge. Many, many times the winner isn't the top rated or even in the top three.
I think you have a great shot at being spotlighted. You're basically at a 4 star rating which is really good and really hard to do within the Foundry. You should be very proud of that.

2. Adding a Foundry Challenge tab I think would be great for the challenges. Not sure how doable it is but still a great idea.