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Originally Posted by muaren View Post
1. The star rating, I've found, has nothing to do with who will win the challenge. Many, many times the winner isn't the top rated or even in the top three.
I think you have a great shot at being spotlighted. You're basically at a 4 star rating which is really good and really hard to do within the Foundry. You should be very proud of that.

2. Adding a Foundry Challenge tab I think would be great for the challenges. Not sure how doable it is but still a great idea.

1) I know it has nothing to do with voting, but I mean, you can't exactly make an overall statistic based on the reviews on how well each mission is doing (in terms of reviews given) if the default 3 stars thing is true. I've heard about something along the lines of that on a few podcasts, that's all. There statistics only based on data currently available, which is good to know also!

Thanks for the compliment, but yeah, it is down to people who vote.


Originally Posted by erei1 View Post
There is no default rating anymore It was changed some time ago.
Thank you! I had no idea!

Not being biased or anything, but missions such as "Wibbly Wobby Earth", which I have played, has defiantly gained a good sum of fans due to the use of Doctor Who. Yes, I love DW too, but this is trek. It's a lovely mission but I rated it 3 stars.

+5 for space combat and Andoria map, loved that. However, -2 since Earth Academy scene I felt just wasn't needed in my opinion - an ambush would of worked just fine, plus it was too much Who for a Trek story in my opinion. But, we all have our views and what not.

2) Totally agreed, like I said, no idea how or if, but it would defiantly help the contest a great deal.

But if something like this does come, I'm sure it'll be greatly appreciated by the players, not so sure about the vote counting team... considering there's apparently 12 million captains... I for one would be afraid of millions of emails detailing everyone's vote as the competition is more exposed. XD haha!

Again, good luck everyone!