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03-06-2013, 12:34 PM
Originally Posted by azyurion View Post
Those "gorn" are nothing more than Jurassic Park rip-offs that bear no resemblence to either the TOS, ENT, or STO Gorn. Even that other game's description betrays their take on Gorn as nothing more than Alien-esque, Dinos meatshields. I understand that this game isn't puerile, or derivative enough for some people, but changing our playable Gorn to match that other game's cliched dinosaurs would certainly get it closer to that level.
I can understand the rationale behind the raptor-Gorn in JJTrek game. We know the Gorn have biologically distinct castes. It could be the "infantry" caste is relatively dumb, more dromaeosaurid in appearance, and smaller than then the "warrior/leader" or "techie" castes.

I quess I would actually be okay with a toned-down version of these guys in the game to replace the "Trooper" and "Ranger" NPCs we have now (which look painfully like juvenile warriors, especially the Rangers.)