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Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
You are still missing the key points here no content (or letting play with stuff I enjoy) is better than grind content I hate that puts me off playing the game at all.

What the problem here is, is that Cryptic have failed to come up with repeatable (grind) content that has enough variation and quality in it to make it fun and worthwhile repeating over and over.

There is no point in them producing grind content if it's turning players away.
I haven't missed the point at all. I understand it. The point I am trying to make is that by both deed and word, Cryptic has indicated that the cannot and will not a quantity of varried content that we will consider to be "enough".

How much variation would you define as being "enough?" And would that much variation be enough for the next person? By deed and word, there is a limit to how much content Cryptic can create in any given time. They have essentially said they cannot create enough mission content. What they have done is establish a means by which the amount of content they CAN create stretches itself out over the course of how long it actually takes to create content... A few starbases are just now achieving Tier 5 status. By may, both the Starbase and the Embassy should be achieving max tier. Time for the next fleet holding.

The reputation progression is not as involved, as many have achieved New Romulus and Omega progrgession Top Tier. I figure that by May, the majority will have done so. Time for the next reputation progression theme...

My take on the whole progression process is that rather than taking the form of dailies as they have been, they should be player-driven sandbox elements that result in cros-systemic interaction of gameplay elements for a more emergent form of gameplay. Less pre-scripted elements and more cause-and-effect of player interaction, both with each other and with the gameworld. But that's just me...
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