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03-06-2013, 02:07 PM
Dear @diogene:

I really would like to leave some comments about your mission.

First off all: it was great. I enjoyed it a lot.

It was the first foundry mission I've played which suggested a specific soundtrack (well a few days ago I played "Treasure of Argellius II pt.1" where the author suggested to turn of all the music but your idea was different).

Most of the time when I play foundry missions I listen to (movie) soundtracks in the background because they "support" my immersion. In your case it also supported that immersion. I've never heard about the musician before but after a while I realised that at least I knew his songs.

Anyway. Thank you for a new musician on my playlist

I am not sure if it was your intention but you wrote in the starting dialogue something about "theatre" (I am not a native speaker but I know that this word has several meanings in english) so my first impression was something like Shakespeare, actors and a stage. Overreacting players/actors, emotions, the final talk with that andorian embassador and especially the music gave me the feeling of beeing part of some kind of stage play.

On the one hand it was different compared to the other missions on the other hand very refreshing and entertaining.

Again: thank you.

Greetings Nahari

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