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Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
I'm not sold on the idea of a new Negh'var because, quite frankly, the KDF has the battlecruisers it needs. It'd be sorta hard to improve on the Vor'cha, Tor'kaht, and K'tinga, along with the various other battlecruisers that we have.

I want a few more raptors and BoPs, and a dedicated end-game sci vessel.
One reason I would be sold on a new Negh'var is if a new one has a more 25th century version of the one that was used on DS9 in that battle that rocked the crap out of DS9's shields. I could agree with you if it didn't boast the fear like that one did and possibly with methods like the vesta has of making its mold into the game.

Bops I agree but one of the problems I have with the mechanics of them like the B'rel its a great icon from the franchise but it was poorly implemented in how it is represented. Also the fact that its a raiding type ship and besides lack of KDF content there is more federation type things like convoy duty from blockade and not really anything to raid with a raider.

Klingon Science is kind of a touchy area being that Science was never a strong point in the Klingon Empire and we really only have science due to the cut and paste of federation type content we get but it was considered not so honorable of a profession in the franchise. As far as the game goes I think we have gotten our science ship the kamarag/K'maj but the science department would probally be filled by more gorn and nausicaan ships if they ever allow nausicaan ships to use the tech defined as nausicaan.

Raptors I definately want to see especially if we could get some variants of fek'ihr and klingon mixed tech possibly romulan too since we are helping them would be nice to see a line of raptors using a hybrid of those 3 technologies.