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Originally Posted by warpangel View Post
Correction, those assignments give the smallest possible amount of dilithium that any random assignment can give, and a pathetically low amount of CXP per hour.

I wouldn't run them even if they didn't eat doffs, the assignment slot is better used for something else.
I used to think the same thing but with KDF side its a given 300-500 dilithium on a success but once you learn how to get crits with their traits and such and don't use the security officer one. With the 4 prisoner for 500 dilithium if it crits thats 1500 dilithium. When used in combination with the colonist one, and 4 hr contraband turn ins its easy to go over cap for each KDF toon a day. I use 12 of my KDF toons for it and net some pretty good dilithium returns.