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03-06-2013, 03:59 PM
Originally Posted by megatherium1969 View Post
Whenever I try to start it up it will reach a point where the screen is completely black and it plays what I assume is the STO music. The cursor does change to the STO one and when I press the enter button about four times it makes explosion noises. What on earth is going on?
Sounds like the graphics aren't initializing correctly... why... I have no clue. Maybe you have a GPU that isn't compatible? What type of system are you using?

Originally Posted by cidstorm View Post
Ever since I upgraded I have not been able to force verify or patch the STO files. Normal patches work just fine though.

In response I have been trying to do a new install. This is the message I get.

ver 10.6.8
proc 2.4 GHz Interl Cor i5
mem 4 GB 1067 MGz DDR3

And I am using the torrent version of the exe.
The message isn't an error really.. its just information. If you installed on top of an existing install, then of course no new executables will be found because it simply replaced the ones there. If you get that message on a fresh install, then it means it found no exe, bat, or msi files in the install after trying to run it and Wine ending... so most likely the installer failed to run correctly.