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Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
I'm not sold on the idea of a new Negh'var because, quite frankly, the KDF has the battlecruisers it needs. It'd be sorta hard to improve on the Vor'cha, Tor'kaht, and K'tinga, along with the various other battlecruisers that we have.

I want a few more raptors and BoPs, and a dedicated end-game sci vessel.
not true, the kdf are missing a regent stationed ship and an exclecior stationed ship. the fleet vorcha is actually to tactical to be ideal, thanks to tech doffs the fleet ktinga or kamarang, not the fleet vorcha is the best battle cruiser curently.

a c store negvar with the regent station setup in my opinion would be the perfect battle cruiser. a fleet tkono with the excelsior station setup i would love as well.

a tier 3 fleet raptor with a LTC sci, and a tier 4 raptor with an LTC eng, would be awesome. a fleet hegh with 10% better stats, and a universal ensign would be awesome. a tier 4 bop with the a 4th sci console would be awesome. these are all great niches that there is plenty of room for on the kdf side
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