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# 29 Timing of weapons
03-06-2013, 03:39 PM
I read that if multiple weapons fire at the same time, then you get -10 (or so) to the Weapon power setting.

My question - I am using a Nostromo N50, which has a macro capability and I can spread out firing of the weapons by some fraction of a second. The question would be does that get around the drop in weapon power setting from firing multiple weapons?

I assume that if you use the Fire All, then weapons would tend to always fire at the same time getting the deduction. If a macro fires the weapons in sequence, does that get around the deduction?

I did set up a loop that fires the weapons sequentially along with triggering the Cannon Rapid Fire option each time through the loop. I finally got a working DPS program by doing some modifications to the COH damage program, so I guess I could run some tests, but I thought I would ask first.