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03-06-2013, 03:43 PM
Aahh the fine art of sitting down.

1* stand in front of the chair
2*bend slightly forward, then bend your knees, and gently throw your weight to your back side
3* ???
4* Profit!

Ingame you can use the following commands:
type /emote COMMAND or /em COMMAND, or simply ;Command in the chat box
;sit (sit on the floor, cross legged)
;sit_chair (sit at a chair)
;sit_captain (sit as if at a Captain chair on a bridge)
;sit_louge (lay back on a lounge couch)
;sit_stool (sit as it a bar stool)
;sit_bridge (Sit as if in front of a console)

You can also click on the chat configuration icon, on the right side of the chat box, there a little icon with litle people on it, click it and select emotes to see all the possible emotes.

Make it so!