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Originally Posted by david90532 View Post
Doesn't really sound like something a vice admiral would do, with the smuggling and all. You'd have to keep it under the table, away from quinn. Sounds fun though, interesting idea indeed. In a cargo ship you'd have to rely on abilities like eject warp plasma, emergency power to ___ abilities etc cause your weapons wouldn't be of much use against any warships.
Aye that's true, it won't sound right for a Fed VA to smuggle, but what about a Klingon? Feds can have trade runs or so. Granted, this would take some balancing, but that'd be something interesting besides the usual grind.

Edit: I know I mentioned "high-risk trading", but that wasn't supposed to be mixed with smuggling. What I meant there was that it would be interesting to make trade runs that has the open possibility of ambushes/environmental hazards and what not.

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