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03-06-2013, 04:57 PM
now that I think of it.. having this so called "J.J" Gorn wont be as bad as we think it is IF it does come. Lets say it does.. imagine the RP you can do. Also.. think of the pop increase for KDF.. for I am sure pep would like to try to be a dinosaur. I am more worried of the sad Gorn that is on now might go away.... that will be sad. Either way.. maybe some thing like "Cold Hearted" Trait will be added so Gorn have more traits connected to them? Either or.. it might be cool.. but like I said before I like the now Gorn more than the "Jurassic hacthlings From JJ's Mind Of Manipulation To Have A Monster-Like Creature in Movie" type delio. Either way I can deal.. but they better addd more KDF costumes.. for IZ know all pep in the Empire dont love the leather
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