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Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
To reiterate, not all Romulan Tactical BOFFs are supposed to have Romulan Operative. That's intentional, and that's not being changed.

We *might* put more Romulan BOFFs on the store at some point, so that people can get the trait combinations they want - such as greens with Basic Romulan Operative, purples with Superior Romulan Operative, etc.

Adjusting the existing BOFFs would be unfair to people who bought the BOFFs for the powers they already have. While Subterfuge isn't as popular as Romulan Operative in the forum community, that doesn't mean someone didn't buy a BOFF with the intent of getting the Subterfuge trait.

Moreover, Subterfuge has some changes coming that should make it more generally appealing - I think that will alleviate a large part of this issue.
This is a very sexist statement, your basically saying regardless of the male and female of the same quality level are not the same because the males are better, so why purchase a female for the same amount of dilithium if shes going to do less, suggest rethinking your current stand on this situation before even more flaming ensues.